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The common thread: Storytelling in news and finance

A year has passed since I made the biggest change of my professional life, from broadcast news to the investment world. It was a privilege to deliver the news to our community for 40 years, telling stories that hopefully informed, or entertained, and in some way made a difference for the people who watched. Those stories were at the heart of my work. Each was an opportunity to bring clarity to the murky, to shed light on the truth, and to connect with viewers on a personal level. It's this core aspect of storytelling and truth-seeking that seamlessly bridges my transition from the newsroom to my role as a Client Advisor at Alesco Advisors.

The parallels between broadcasting and financial advising might not be obvious, but each is deeply entwined in the art of narrative. In news, we distill complex events into understandable segments; in wealth management, we clarify the multifaceted world of finance for our clients. Both require a dedication to truth and an understanding that behind the data and the headlines are real people with real stories.

At Alesco Advisors, I've found that the essence of my career in broadcasting – to inform and guide through the fog of information overload – is just as crucial. Wealth management and financial planning are not just about numbers; they’re about lives, dreams, and legacies. Our clients come to us with their unique histories and visions for the future, and it's our job to lead them through the sometimes complex maze of investment options, retirement planning, and legacy preservation.

Just as I used to explain the intricacies of local policies or break down the impact of economic developments on the evening news, I now help our clients understand the implications of market trends and investment principles. Storytelling is a powerful tool for illustrating how each financial decision plays a role in shaping their financial future.

This career change has been a pivot, but not a departure from my lifelong commitment to sharing stories that matter. My goal remains the same: to bring transparency, understanding, and truth. I am grateful for the opportunity to continue this mission at Alesco Advisors, where every client’s story becomes a part of our collective narrative. I look forward to bringing my experience from the newsroom to the advisory room, to ensure that every client feels heard, understood, and confident in their financial journey.